Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Judgement Versus Awareness

Something that I would hear from time to time when I was younger, in my 20's, was that I was judgmental.  Every time that someone would say that to me I would always think the same thing:  "Sometimes I am judgmental but not always like they are saying that I am."  However, I would always question myself to determine if I was being judgmental. 

Now, all these years later I have come to the knowing that there is a difference between being judgmental and having an a awareness of something.

So this is really a fascinating subject to me.  We do live in a world where judgmental attitudes seem to prevail.  And yet, perhaps all of these perceived judgements are not all judgements at all.

Sometimes we have an awareness of something and the thought of it basically ends there.  It is simply a perception of something that has nothing more attached to it then that.  And other times the awareness comes first followed by additional thinking on it and making a judgement about it.  Thinking that it is right or wrong or good or bad or better or worse, etc.  Now when I have an awareness of something I choose whether to leave it at that or to go further.  Sometimes it is necessary and beneficial to think further on a matter and I always believe that having a judgement on something is not always a detriment or politically incorrect as is such a popular way of thinking or not-thinking actually, these days.

I use this daily and quite a lot.  Having an awareness of something and choosing from that point is quite fun and liberating.

Love to all of us,

Paul Johnson 

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