Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Election Day In Various States Across America

It is always a joy for me when the campaigning ceases.  All the signs everywhere, all the hideous tv commercials non-stop (with each side playing the same game, no real difference these days), but my absolutely top thing that stands out to me during election cycles-all the pundits on tv.  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before I ever start watching any political "news Show", (ha) I always tell myself to simply listen, do not judge, just listen.  For what they are saying ,but more specifically DOING, should actually be a crime with severe punishment for all of them.

Last night while I was flipping the tv channels I came across a visual that shocked me.  A women was on being interviewed.  It was the face of someone that I knew and had associated with many years ago.  What really struck me was how this beautiful soul, spiritual powerhouse and leader with amazing presence looked like a politician.  Do you know what I mean by that?  To me, politicians have a particular look about them.  Kind of a controlling and dark type of energy about them that permeates in very sinister ways.

At any right, I am amazed that Marianne Williamson is running for a delegate seat in California.  If, and I truly hope, she is able to stay true to her being, she could be the start of something amazing.  Something that is long overdue in this political world that devours everyone that comes into its web.  I wish you all the best Marianne Williamson and I hope you become the powerful force in California and Washington, DC that I know you can be.

Paul Johns


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